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Kangaroo's hard at work!

USDA approved

Little Ponderosa Zoo has been approved by the United States Department of Agriculture  for providing a safe and secure home for abandoned, abused and neglected exotic and domestic animals.

Little Ponderosa Zoo - Baby Llama (You know you want to pet it!)
Little Ponderosa Zoo - Our llamas are kind and gentle

Here at Little Ponderosa Zoo and Rescue, we feature a large variety of animals. From the jungle to the barnyard, we've got just about everything plus a few surprises! We're adding new animals to our zoo all the time, and you will often find a variety of baby animals. That's why we offer a wonderful Kids-Safe Petting Zoo along with our unique Walk-About Zoo. But you don't have to ! We offer special feed for you to take with you on your meet the demands of most of our animals diets. We also have clearly marked signs to designate which animals can and cannot be fed for our customers and animals continued safety. Also, if you would like to enjoy a zoo at your next event, our zoos come in different sizes with a variety of most of our exotic or farm animals to accommodate your event or space availability. We welcome any event, large or small. The Little Ponderosa Zoo and Rescue is equipped and ready to travel to your local town or city.
Make sure and visit our Mobile Zoo page for all the details.

Little Ponderosa Zoo has been granted a Class 1 Permit with the TWRA (TN Wildlife Association) There are only approx. 8 of these facilities in TN! We also work closely with the Anderson County Animal Control, Clinton City Animal Control and The Oak Ridge Animal Shelter.

Our Animals:

Just some of the animals include: A Zonkey (Yes we have a real Zonkey!), llamas, sheep, pygmy goats, miniature donkeys, wallabies, buffalos, Scottish highlander cattle, camel, zebra, kangaroo, emu, capybara, Patagonian cavy, coatimundi, rabbits, ducks, pigs, tigers, and many many more!

Little Ponderosa Zoo - Our nose knows! Little Ponderosa Zoo - Always looking for a friend to talk to