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Little Ponderosa Zoo and Rescue will be glad to bring our zoo or ponies to you at your next event. Our zoos come in a variety of sizes. We are fully self contained. We supply all necessary fencing, tents, hand sanitizing stations, informative signs and personnel.

Suitable for birthday parties and small events:
20 x 20
30 x 30

Suitable for festivals and fairs:
40 x 40
40 x 60
40 x 80
40 x 100
40 x 200

Animals we can bring in a mobile zoo: zebra, camel, kangaroo, wallaby, emu, capybara, Patagonian cavy, coatimundi, as well as domestic animals such as goats, sheep, rabbits, ducks, pigs and chickens and donkeys.

Little Ponderosa Zoo and Rescue has been granted a Class 1 Permit with the TWRA (TN Wildlife Association) There are only approx. 8 of these facilities in TN! We also work closely with the Anderson County Animal Control, Clinton City Animal Control and The Oak Ridge Animal Shelter.

Make your next event one to remember with our mobile zoo.

We are fully insured

Little Ponderosa Zoo and Rescue has been approved by the United States Department of Agriculture  for providing a safe and secure home for abandoned, abused and neglected exotic and domestic animals.

US Department of Agriculture Approved