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  Little Ponderosa Zoo - Approved by the US Dept. of Agriculture  
Little Ponderosa Zoo cares about it animals
Little Ponderosa Zoo has been approved by the United States Department of Agriculture for providing a safe and secure home for abandoned, abused and neglected exotic and domestic animals.
Little Ponderosa Zoo - Come and join the fun!
Little Ponderosa Zoo - Farm House and Picnic Shelter

Don't just take our word for it, come check us out with your own eyes! The Little Ponderosa Zoo will thrill, entertain and educate. The perfect weekend or weekday treat for you and your family. Only 8$ for admission and we're open 7 days a week! Give us a call or email us to receive more detailed information on our events and exhibits.  
Little Ponderosa Zoo - Voted Best Family Attraction!

What our visitors have said.

My kids loved their B-Day party at the zoo! Can't wait till next year.

We had a truly wonderful time. Can't wait to go back to see Gunther, Gabel, Abbie and all the other great animals at your zoo!
The Ridenour Family

I enjoyed my day at the zoo!! I think it is worth the money!!!!!

I love ur zoo!!! I've only been once but I ask mom to bring me back all the time. The 1 time i came it was with my dad and my 2 yr old neice. But it was fun! I am 6 yrs old now.

I was brought to the zoo as a surprise anniversary gift due to fact of my love for animals. I absolutely loved the experience. I'm positive I'll be back soon to visit the animals I didn't get the chance to see. It was an inexpensive, enjoyable time. Thanks so much!

My son (age 6) and I had a blast visiting your zoo yesterday! It was well worth the drive to see all the exotic animals most zoos don't even have! My son loved the baby goats the most. They were just the sweetest little creatures to pet. I loved the variety of critters and how friendly the staff was. I have never seen a zonkey before! Thanks to Jim for all the information and we can't wait to visit again next year! Next time we will bring a picnic lunch and plan on spending more time there.

We just returned from our 2nd field trip to Little Ponderosa Zoo. It, as always, was a GREAT experience. The students enjoyed the variety of animals available. We were even fortunate enough to see some baby goats being born! Pony rides and feeding the animals made the experience even better. Thanks to James and all the Little Ponderosa Zoo Staff. You made this another wonderful trip for our students at Central Elementary.
Ms. Kim Neskaug

I have always enjoyed animals, thanks for a great time at the ponderosa. I will be back and hope to see more the next time I visit. The zoo is so big it's hard to see all the things on one visit. Everyone must go a second time, besides there may be something new.