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Little Ponderosa Zoo - Field Trips Picture Our historic farm house

Our historic farm house

Our party room. Big enough for just about any size party!
Little Ponderosa Zoo - Field Trips

Call ahead, rain or shine to plan your next field trip where your children can get a wonderful hands on experience with exotic and domestic animals. Our staff has researched and prepared fun facts and information on all the animals here at Little Ponderosa Zoo and Rescue. Our goal is to share with your children the many benefits of learning how to interact responsibly around the animals here at the rescue. The many games and lessons will help show the children the many wonders of the animal kingdom. There is always a little magic here at the Little Ponderosa  

While at Little Ponderosa Zoo and Rescue, the children can make a lasting memory by taking  a ride on the ponies and roaming the everyday habitats of the animals. The children can enjoy a tour of our zoo which will include learning about the animals in our "Big Red Barn" as well as meeting several of the reptiles in our reptiles display. Don't forget to bring your picnic lunches to enjoy in our covered pavilion by the pond while the kids play on the play-ground.

Call or Email us: events@littleponderosazoo.com
(865) 457-5536

Field trip brochure
We also have a playground!