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In the summer of 2013, we drove to North Carolina, to pick up a male Canadian Lynx whose owner had him for 5 years since he was a baby. He had been fed a diet of dry cat food which is not good for wild cats. We brought him to the zoo, had him checked by the vet, and began him on a proper diet of raw meat and vitamin supplements. What a difference! We also named him Diego and he loves water, toys, and levels to climb and jump. He is fascinated by the other animals around him.


On December 26, 2013, The Little Ponderosa Zoo & Rescue underwent a big operation to drive to Michigan to get 17 alpacas, 2 Great Pyrenees dogs, and 3 peacocks. These animals were beloved by a lady who passed away, and her husband, feeling overwhelmed with the care of so many animals, made the decision to turn them over to The Little Ponderosa Zoo & Rescue and join our family of animals.


Zee was a marmoset who was kept as a pet. His owner's new job kept him busy and made it difficult to give his pet the time he required, so he surrendered him to The Little Ponderosa Zoo & Rescue. Zee had numerous health issues that may have stemmed from an improper diet. He required a complex diet to meet all of his needs and to help boost his health. We made sure to meet his dietary requirements to build up his health and weight. He also had to be given antibiotics from time to time. Zee died in the spring of 2013. He was very much loved by LPZ & R staff.


Another rescue that has come to the Little Ponderosa Zoo & Rescue in July 2013 include Phillippe, a four horned Jacob sheep. He and many more have come to the LPZ&R because there are few places that they can go. They have specialized needs and care such as shearing his wool, trimming his hoofs, and parasite control/health program.We are always in need of support and donations to be able to do all that we need to do.


Shadow , who is a wolf hybrid,came to us in the fall of 2012. He arrived sick, thin, and in very bad shape. He was 18 months old when he was brought here and was shy and wary of everyone. He spent 6 weeks at the veterinary hospital due to an urinary tract infection, anemia, and malnourishment. He was also neutered when his infection cleared up and then came home to the zoo. He is now a fat, happy, loving animal, who is very affectionate with his keepers. There are few places wolf hybrids can go, due to their wolf heritage and wild background. Shadow was very lucky to have been brought to The Little Ponderosa Zoo & Rescue, where his needs are met and he can be kept in a safe environment.


Hope is a Pygmy goat who was brought to us in Fall 2013 with an injured leg that had been caught in a fence and had the circulation cut off for too long before her owners discovered her plight. Her leg would have to be amputated to save her life and they could not afford the operation. They brought her to us, and we were able to raise the money to have her leg fixed. She is now a fat, healthy, happy goat who gets along fine without the fourth appendage.


Razz is an abandoned silver fox. The owner left him with a friend and sadly never picked him up. After locating the owner, the friend tried to return Razz to her but she was no longer interested in keeping him. Neither party had the means or space to care for a silver fox. We took Razz in and have given him a permanent home here with us.


George was found by police officers when they raided a house on a drug bust. There was a meth lab in the home where he was found. He was living in a very tiny cage where he did not have room to move around at all. George was extremely aggressive when we rescued him which leaves us to believe he was very mistreated by his previous owners. George's caretakers work very hard to improve his behavior. They strive to ensure all of his human interaction is positive and full of love.


The original owners of Stripes kept him as a pet, then decided they no longer wanted him. We chose to provide him a permanent home at Little Ponderosa Zoo and Rescue.


Boomer was discovered by a landlord when one of the tenants moved out. Boomer's owner left him abandoned in an apartment inside a small dog kennel. We are happy to give him a home.


Dora came to us from a zoo that was shut down. She had a rectal prolapse and had to have an extensive surgery that was donated by Dr. James Butler D.V.M. Dora spent 2 harsh weeks at the animal hospital. After recovery she came here to Little Ponderosa Zoo and Rescue. That was 5 years ago and she continues to reside with us.


Mikey had been taken into public by his owner and got into trouble with the local animal control. After coming to an agreement with his owner, Mikey was surrendered to us. We feel like we saved him from being destroyed by bringing him to Little Ponderosa Zoo and Rescue

Gunther and Gebel

In 2008, after receiving approval from TWRA for a Class 1 big cat permit, we welcomed Gunther and Gebel to Little Ponderosa Zoo and Rescue. They were born in a big cat rescue and needed a permanent place to call home. We drove to pick them up and bring them to their new and forever home here at Little Ponderosa Zoo and Rescue. They eat approximately 50lbs of meat a day. Please help us keep these guys Happy and Healthy!